10 Done-For-You Social Captions for
Fitness + Wellness Pros!

Hey, I'm Liz! 


aka your go-to person for all things marketing and social media for your fitness biz and founder of Sweat Social Co. and The Fit Atlanta.


Do you feel like you literally do all the things running your business, and you worry about missing out on all the extra growth + opportunities that could come your way because you're not showing up on social media?


Or maybe you sit for hours on your phone trying to figure out what to post, and then you panic because you don't know what to post, then you end up binging netflix because, #overit.


Or maybe your social is poppin', but you need to be more strategic about attracting leads, advertising, engaging your members, or even working through virtual fitness options, and you feel LOST.


If you said #MOOD to any of those, I'm here to help. I'm a triple threat marketer with 10+ years experience dedicated to helping fitness + wellness pros, studio and gym owners, and online coaches skyrocket their brand presence + grow a profitable biz with social media. (oh, the triple threat thing? That means I'm a marketing strategist, designer, and tech nerd with a background in fitness all wrapped in one. It's like... the best combo you never knew you needed.)


Whether you need a 1:1 coach or "done-for-you" agency work, my Sweat Social Co. team is here for you. Connect with me and SSC on instagram!

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